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Sarah Sophia Railton 1796 Sampler Snippet - PDF DOWNLOAD

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Sarah Sophia Railton was born June 1, 1788, the fourth child in six years, born to John and Mary Railton of London, England. Sarah’s father, John, worked in the wine industry and Census records later indicate John was a wine broker. One can imagine he and his family were financially stable during a time when many others were not. 

In 1808, Sarah became pregnant out of wedlock. Joseph Aston, also known as Joseph Hastings, the father of her child, was reported to have “had carnal knowledge of her body and is the true and only Father of her child or children.” 

It would be a decade before Sarah would find happiness. On May 3, 1818 Sophia (she was now going by Sophia) married John Kelly at St. Anne's, Westminster, Middlesex, England.