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Maggie Pepperell 1887 - PDF DOWNLOAD

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Little red samplers stitched by schoolgirls are near and dear to the hearts of many stitchers. The appeal of the color red, coupled with the simplicity of the letters, numbers, and sometimes brief phrases, makes stitching a reproduction sampler and collecting antique schoolgirl samplers a favorite pastime for many modern-day needleworkers.

Not only was Maggie Pepperell intent on demonstrating her prowess with a needle, but her little red sampler also provided evidence of her accomplishment on the Standard IV exam in 1887. She submitted the sampler to her teacher, in order to demonstrate she had mastered the required skills for a student of her age.

Finished sampler measures 81W X 93H stitches. 

Model stitched using Soie d’Alger 946, one strand over two, on 37 count Legacy Wild Honey linen from Access Commodities. There are four color conversions including DMC 815 and only requires your favorite red!

The design is suitable for needleworkers of all abilities and contains no speciality stitches and would be appropriate for linen or Aida cloth.