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Mary Ann Tyler 1847

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Mary Ann Tyler had to have been a happy child. The ten-year-old’s choice of vibrant, bright colors and the verse she chose to stitch would suggest she shared a whimsical outlook on life. Flowers in a garden and the joy of heaven, coupled with a beautiful petite rosebud border, provide a glimpse into the 10-year-old’s heart.

Upon close inspection we know that the ground cloth she used had been stitched on prior. There are remnants of motifs and thread not present in her completed sampler. The blue ball with the yellow X above the second “n” of Ann, the two diamond shaped motifs above the “ry” of Mary, and the large pale taupe flower bulb above the bright yellow “er” of Tyler are either errors Mary Ann failed to correct or thread remnants left from a previous embroidery lesson. The pale taupe fibers and the bright yellow of the cross and “ar" are not present in any other part of the sampler. The bottom line below the “ary Ann” of Mary Ann is also a remnant of a previous start or the remains of previous stitching.